L'Amour Satin Fabric | Polyester Matte Satin | Peau De Soie | 60" Wide | Continuous Yards | Wedding Dress, Tablecloth, Multiple Colors |

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L'Amour Satin Fabric | Polyester Matte Satin | Peau De Soie | 60" Wide | Continuous Yards | Wedding Dress, Tablecloth, Multiple Colors |

Available Sizes
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SKU: L'Amour Satin Fabric | Polyester Matte Satin | Peau De Soie | 60" Wide | Continuous Yards | Wedding Dress, Tablecloth, Multiple Colors |

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Polysatin L'amour is a semi dull heavy satin that is 58/60" wide. This product is produced in Korea. Our L'amour line is great for dresses, wedding gowns, tablecloths, napkins, and wall decorations.
Cleaning Instructions
100% Polyester Washable - Machine Cycle Cold or Warm, Low Tumble, Dry under low temperatures. 
Picture Taken
Picture is taken with and/or without flash depending on the color. If you are very particular about the color tone - please order a sample swatch to avoid any issues.
Solid or Sheer
Fabric Content
100% Polyester
Fabric Weight
130 Grams per Square Yard. Fabric has a soft hand feel with medium to heavy weight.
Fabric Width
Fabric Origin
Made in Korea
Ships from Los Angeles, California within one/two Business Days | Sample Swatches may Ship One Day Later | Let us Know if you are in a Super Rush - We can Accommodate |
Lead Time
Fabric Yard and Sample Swatch orders tend to ship out within a few days. Fabric Bolt and Color Cards ship out same or next day depending on availability.
Color Waves
We have a Strict no Return Policy on our orders - If you are very particular with a color - please order a sample swatch to make sure the color is correct.
Dye Lot Variations
Dye lots may vary from order to order - As fabric rolls finish - we open new rolls and dye lots may vary from time to time - please order a sample swatch to assure the current dye lot you will be receiving
Full Piece and/or Splits
We strive to give one full piece cut orders. At times our rolls end and or full pcs are not available and splits may occur. Some fabric rolls come straight from our mill unpackaged and untouched but will have a few splits in the rolls. We do not guarantee one full pieces - if this is an issue - please contact our reps prior to purchasing

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jola James (McEwen, US)
Fantastic Quality!

WAY better than I expected at this price point!!!!!

Kelly Gleine (Jackson, US)

L'Amour Satin Fabric | Polyester Matte Satin | Peau De Soie | 60" Wide | Continuous Yards | Wedding Dress, Tablecloth, Multiple Colors |

Betsy Hoffman (Lake Elmo, US)
Beautiful fabric

Beautiful fabric. True to color. Great value.
Quick delivery. Easy order process.

Joie Alvarez (Pearland, US)
Excellent Fabrics

I’m very excited to start working on my projects with these beautiful satin fabrics! Colors are spot on and the weight and quality of the fabrics are amazing! More importantly, the price is unbeatable compared to other online fabric stores! I will surely be back for more! I’m so happy I found My Textile Fabric store!

Dan Heywood (Ephraim, US)
Unimpressed times three

[The default rating is five stars—if I had not noticed, my definite one star rating would have gone through as a five star rating. Hmm. Clever. And dishonest. Not unlike my experience described below.]———

Bought three satin types: matte, charmeuse, bridal. — Poor, poor service. ———

Matte: has a slight nap, which slightly catches on rougher parts of skin when rubbing hand across. Perhaps all matte satin will do this. I don't know. Not conveyed in the description as seems it should be. They never answered my question about it, which I asked four or five times in separate emails. ———

Bridal: Wrong color, not due to my monitor differing. Let me s'plain: I ordered "charcoal", which looks like a neutral gray on their sales page, plus the name suggests it to be neutral in color, plus in their photo of the samples it is placed between black and gray, also suggesting its neutral-ness of color. They shipped me something distinctly purple-ish in color. No one would consider it a charcoal, or even close to gray. A dark, dull purple. I asked them about it. They said "it does have a hue to it." They also sent me *new* photos, different from their sales page photos, showing the purple fabric they sent me with a masking tape label of "charcoal", as if to confirm, yes, we misrepresented the item on our sales page, ha! No offer to correct or reimburse. Only after suggesting I might initiate a chargeback with my credit card company (to force reimbursement), only then did they give "a one time exception to refund." I see. How kind. It only took giving them a noogie to make them act so thoughtfully. ———

Charmeuse: It was the correct color (a thoughtful touch) and no nap. ———

The following describes how these fabrics feel, which may be true of all satin, I don't know. My only experience with satin is these three. So, for any satin newbs like me, this is what these three satins from this store feels like. The feel of all three is smooth when moving the hand across in one direction (excepting the semi-snagginess of the nap of the matte). When moving the hand perpendicular to this smooth direction, it feels kind of rough, and it whistles or "zips". So, the smooth way feels like moving along with the line of threads, and the rough way feels like moving across the threads. Most distinctly felt and heard on the bridal and matte, less so on the charmeuse. My rating is not reflected by this feel, since for all I know all satin feels this way. Just an fyi. My rating does reflect that in all my emails I sent them (four or five) I asked them about this feel, to find out if it is how all satin feels. They never answered. They only (reluctantly) addressed the wrong color issue.

Thank you Daniel Heywood for your review.

Upon reviewing your initial review of the Bridal Satin, you messaged/emailed us that the color you received was incorrect. We did in fact email you with facts proving the color shipped was correct.

However, you were still sending and attacking our staff via emails over the issue in which then we offered you a full refund for the item as a gesture of customer service.

We also want to point out the the color you have mentioned below in comparison to the Charcoal is a Charmeuse 1126 Silver color. Silvers are quite drastically lighter in shade than than any 1139 Charcoal Tones. One can NOT compare or justify the two as the same. Again the picture you have attached shows the difference in tones. Charcoal's again are much darker than Silvers.

For future reference and what most clients (especially for those who are still learning about fabrics) often do is purchase sample swatches. We offer swatches of the product prior to purchasing full yards and or bolts of the product. This allows the customer to touch and feel and see the color they are going to be purchasing in bulk. Drastically reducing any errors and or beliefs of receiving the incorrect product.