Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction

My Textile Fabrics will not only provide their knowledge for Fabrics but will give their time to understand the ideas you crave for your fabric needs in order to implement them towards your design. Our Customer Service goals are to create an easy transaction for our clients. Starting with our website, we have implemented all our current clients' inputs to create an easy and fun user-friendly website. We believe a user-friendly website creates the same customer value for those set of clienteles who are just always looking for the hottest trends. Our associates will do anything to accommodate your needs. From rushing orders to sourcing specific colors we will be more then glad to help you accommodate your needs.

Shipping & Delivery

We at My Textile Fabrics use UPS as our shipping courier. Freight forwarders and trucking companies may be used by the sole discretion of My Textile Fabrics for larger orders.

Privacy & Security

We collect information from you when you register on our site, place an order, subscribe to our newsletter or respond to a survey and secure these sections with a certified SSL (https). For more information on how this data is handled and other tools we use to analyze visitor data, please read our privacy policy.

Returns & Replacements

At My Textile Fabrics we have a strict no return policy.

Please order sample swatches or have our staff assist you with any questions prior to placing any orders

Great Prices

My Textile Fabrics created shop in 2019, we hope to create long lasting relationships with suppliers and networked around the world in sourcing top grade low priced distinguishable products. Our main element of low priced products is our ability to source fine quality grade A fabrics through mills, warehouses, and wholesalers. Our continual friendship with our suppliers allows us to charge minimal prices for our clients while still creating a profitable atmosphere to run our operational costs. My Textile Fabrics communal friendship with its suppliers also allows us to purchase the quantity necessary to complete its jobs without incurring higher quantity purchasing and inventory levels/costs.

Reliability & Dependability

Prior to launching this website, our company has been creating wonders in the fabric industry. Our company’s ability to keep stock our selection of fabric has set us apart from our competition.  Our 20000sqft warehouses accommodate our limitless supply of fabrics to our clientele base.  My Textile Fabrics has developed the learning curve to give our clients a reliable and dependable purchase.

Array of Colors

My Textile Fabrics has a communal supplier list, we have access to a majority of tones and color schemes that most of our competition has no access to. We want to allow our clients to have the choice to choose their fabrics with an abundant array of colors that will follow there fabric color schemes. We believe by doing this, it creates a less stressful atmosphere for clients to choose from.