About Us

My Textile Fabrics is a Fabric Vendor and Distributor located in Los Angeles California.  Our Trends pertain a touch in the Apparel and Special Event Industry.  We are proud leaders of low price, high inventory fabrics all stored and shipped from Los Angeles.

We have sourced fabrics from around the world such as Japan, Korea, China, India, Pakistan, and most importantly the United States to provide our clients some of the finest fabrics for their manufacturing needs consisting of the Event Industry, Manufacturing Industry, and Fabric Distribution Houses.

We hope this website is an indispensable tool for party planners, event coordinators, event decorators, Fashion gurus, and end users to create some one-of-a-kind looks for events and clothing.

As you select from our fine Velvets, Taffetas, Polyesters, Quilts, Organzas to our finely selected Embroideries, you will indulge yourselves with the variety of colors available.

My Textile Fabrics would like to thank all of our customers for you support and we look forward to furthering our commitment to service, style, and selection over the following years to come.

My Textile Fabrics
Wholesale Fabrics/Distribution House/Exporter/Importer