Which Black Velvet Fabric is Good for Home Theaters, AVS Rooms, and Media Centers?

My Textile Fabric carries two products which work great for wall treatments in Home Theaters and Media Centers.  

Triple Velvet is a 45" Wide Soft Plush Velvet Fabric.  65% Acetate 35% Nylon Composition makes for a Great Super Dark Black Velvet.  With approx 6 oz per linear yard - it lays flat and smooth against the wall.  Fabric tears without any sheering when cutting and nap stays flat.  For those looking for fabrics that do not reflect light, the Triple Velvet Fabric is one of the best routes.

Triple Velvet is sold by the Continuous Yard and Wholesale Bolt for larger applications.

Royal Velvet is a 60" Wide Plush Velvet Fabric.  Extra Width allows for more coverage with less seams for larger rooms and wider rooms.  Fabric is 100% Polyester and the color is a jet black with a slight sheen.  Fabric weighs 14 oz per linear yard, so it allows for easy upholstery of Couches, Media Chairs, and Theater Seats.  Fabric tears easily and does not streak or sheer when cutting. For those looking for larger applications - this is the best product for the best price.

Royal Velvet is Sold by the Continuous Yard and Wholesale Bolt for Larger applications.


We also sell Sample Swatches of both products - if you have any further questions regarding these products - please reach out to us via email @ info@mytextilefabric.com