What is the best fabrics to make Hair Scrunchies?

The best fabrics to make Hair Scrunchies are fabrics that are easy to sew and do not fray.  Saying that we suggest Charmeuse Satin, Stretch Charmeuse Satin, Panne Velvet and Stretch Velvets.

Our Charmeuse Satin and Stretch Charmeuse Satin fabrics are a light weight soft satin.  Easy to sew with a single needle and overlock machine. Both fabrics do not fray when cutting which makes sewing super easy, especially for beginners.  Our Stretch Charmeuse only has a 3% Spandex so it spans only 2 ways but makes the fabric but softer and silkier to the touch.  Both have a wonderful sheen and final products look great!

Satin Hair Scrunchies

Panne Velvet and Stretch Velvet fabrics are both soft but very different from on another.  Panne Velvet is a 100% Polyester crush velvet with a mechanical stretch.  Stretch Velvet is a soft and smooth Velvet with a 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.  Both cut and sew very nicely with little to no freys.  Panne Velvet may tend to curl but if cut with the right scissors, it will hold its weight.  Stretch Velvet does not curl up but should be cut flat on a table to avoid being cut not straight.  Both products finish beautifully.

Velvet Scrunchie Fabric