What are IFR Fabrics and what does it mean?

Inherently Fire Retardant fabrics are made from polyester yarn. Because of the Polyester nature, it allows for the fabric to per say melt at specific speeds instead of creating a flame and or catching on fire.

@ My Textile Fabric – our fabric are Tested and reviewed by Laboratories for Indoor and Outdoor Flame Retardancy. 

Fire Marshalls and or special jobs require certified fire retardant documents for approval before installation and or product development. 

This item passes the NFPA 701 testing. 

Some venues at events may also require this certification for event and or decorations. 

What is the NFPA 701 Test?

Per NFPA Standards and Literature: "Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films. This test measures the flammability of a fabric when it is exposed to specific sources of ignition."

What is the California Small Scale 19 Test?

Per NFPA Standards and Literature: "The CSFM has a number of flammability regulations; the one that pertains to specialty fabrics is Title 19. Although, like NFPA 701, Title 19 also has two versions, the small-scale and large-scale tests, there are differences between the two specifications as well, such as sample size and exposure to the flame source. In addition, the CSFM specification differs from NFPA 701 in one other important aspect—documentation. In order to qualify for CSFM certification, a fabric manufacturer must have their materials tested not only by an independent lab approved by the CSFM, but must also send the material to the CSFM office to be tested there."

NFPA 701 Certificate available upon request.

If you have any further questions regarding IFR fabrics – our specialist can help – just send us an email at info@mytextilefabric.com