Welcome to Mytextilefabric.com – a website designed for retail and wholesale fabric buyers at an affordable rate.

We are backed by industry named manufactures of textile goods.

Our goal is to service our clients by shipping and expediting packages to arrive to your door seamlessly.

#mytextilefabric specializes in basic wovens, embroideries, sheers, taffetas, linings, and IFR rated fabrics.

We offer these fabrics by the yard, bolt, and sample swatches.

We only have a minimum of 2 yards per fabric which allows clients to purchase small quantities to test and create prototypes.

Or just to make a blouse, dress, or top.

Our bolts vary from 25 to 120 yards – depends on the fabric and style

Sample swatches are readily available and to start we will offer free sample swatches – up to three for free - for clients looking to touch and feel the fabric before they make a purchase.

Just send us an email with your fabric swatch request to info@mytextilefabric.com with your mailing address.

#mytextilefabric will ship via UPS and USPS as our trusted services – we will choose our own LTL services for larger pallet size orders.

We are fully equipped to ship by the yard and or truck load via LTL

We are able to palletize and strap the rolls for easy loading and unloading

LTL services will be available for bulk orders only.

We support and supply to the Event Industry. We cater fabrics for IFR and FR goods meeting the NFPA 701 and California Small Scale 19.

These fabrics consist of IFR Sheer Voiles – IFR Sheer Batiste Voile – IFR Crush Sheer Voile – IFR Double Wide Satins – IFR Double Wide Polyesters – IFR Wrinkle Free Scubas and much more.

When needed we can supply our customers with Laboratory tests confirming NFPA 701 documentation.

Our goal is to make you happy – so let us know if we can assist you with anything – by sending us an email at info@mytextilefabric.com

  • Mar 19, 2020
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