What is Sheer Voile Fabric?

Sheer Voile is a 100% Polyester Sheer Organdy Chiffon Fabric which usually comes in 120" widths.  Sheer Voile is a softer sheer yarn, lightweight and transparent.  Fabric colors are dyed to choice.  Sheer Voile is most commonly used for Window Treatments, Curtains, Draping, Event Draping, and Home Decor. 

Who Sells Sheer Voile fabric?

My Textile Fabric Sells the best quality Sheer Voile Fabric by the Wholesale Bolt.   Fabric is sold by the bolt only.  120 Yards on the Roll and 120" wide.  Packaged and Ready to ship same day.  Over 40 Colors to choose from.  Price is $249.99 for 120 Yards (360 Feet).  Fabric is folded on and shipped on a 60" Bolt (folded in half for easy shipping).  Here is a link to view our Sheer Voile line: https://mytextilefabric.com/products/ifr-sheer-voile-120-wide

Is the Sheer Voile an IFR Fabric?

My Textile Fabric has Laboratory testing for NFPA 701 and California Small Scale 19 for all the colors in the Sheer Voile fabric line.  Email our reps for further information: info@mytextilefabric.com