What is Scuba Fabric?

A Double Knit Scuba Fabric is a dull face polyester with a mechanical stretch. Scuba is created with bi directional knit process.  Easy and Great to sew.  Fabric is 58/60" Wide.  There are a few different types of Scuba Fabrics.  

How many kinds of Scuba Fabric is there?

There are about three types of Techno Fabrics

Double knit scuba is a basic 60" wide polyester fabric with a mechanical stretch.  Scuba has a single layer and is usually about 270GSY.  This Scuba is a 100% Polyester Fabric.

Techno Scuba which is a spongier type of Scuba with one layer.  It also has a spandex blend which allows the fabric to have a better hand feel and is much softer than the original Double Knit Scuba.

Super Techno Neoprene is a double layer Scuba with a inner filling creating a pad between the two fabrics.  Super Techno has a 90/10 Poly Spandex blend. When applying your finger and pressing between the two fabrics, you can feel a spongy type fabric that has resistance.  Fabric is 300GSM and very durable.

Who Sells Double Knit Scuba?

My Textile Fabric sells a few types of Scuba Fabrics - each fabric is readily available and in stock.